2D AI Dental Findings Overview

Features & Benefits:

  • 6 FDA cleared focus areas for patients 15 and older including: caries, calculus, bone loss, periapical radiolucency, root canal filling deficiency and discrepancy at margin of an existing restoration.
  • Designed to assist with diagnostic confidence, efficiency and productivity.
  • Simple direct integration in DEXIS™ Imaging Suite or DTX Studio™ Clinic allowing the use of AI in your existing 2D X-ray workflow without opening any additional applications or screens.
  • Instant detection of focus areas for newly acquired images and historical images for comparison of results over time.
  • Allows practitioners to share AI Dental findings with patients in an easy-to-understand format when discussing their diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Easy installation and onboarding. No additional IT requirements or hardware upgrades needed.
  • Compatible with DEXIS Titanium, DEXIS IXS, DEXIS Platinum and GXS-700 sensors.
  • 60-day trial included with the purchase of a DEXIS Intraoral Sensor or DEXIS SLA.

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See what your peers are saying:

DEXassist Solution, a 2D AI Dental findings tool that automatically identifies and labels six common dental findings like caries, calculus and bone loss, is one of those products my office can’t live without now. Evaluating radiographs with AI and highlighting potential clinical problems has added a new level of comfort for both me and my patients.

— Dr. Kenneth S. Magid, USA

Picture of Dr. Kenneth S. Magid, USA